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An Open Letter to E

A bit back, I met a blind 18-year-old blogger on Twitter. Her perseverance struck me when we began talking, because I find it difficult to blog at the best of times and I’m blessed with the gift of working sight!

Recently, we have grown increasingly closer, and I have grown increasingly in awe of her. I wanted to put pen to paper (alright, fingers to keyboard — smart arse!) to pen (haha, get it?) a few words about her, and pay tribute to her courage.

Though I shan’t name her, I’m not entirely sure that it’d be hard to find her if you were that way inclined. For the record, the name she uses to blog/on social media isn’t her real name, so stop trying to stalk her before you even try. Else, you’ll have me on your back…!

Dear E,

I don’t even know where to start with this, to be honest. I’m shit at writing letters, but you’re worth a bloody good shot. Okay, that sounds like a threat to shoot you. I wouldn’t do that. Promise.

To be honest, I’m not even sure what I want to say with this. I just want to make sure you know how much I admire you, and how in awe I am of your perseverance in the face of an obstacle I can’t even begin to understand.

It’s impossible to describe in the English language how wonderstruck I am by your ability to write so descriptively of the world, despite never having seen it with your own eyes. Descriptive writing is a talent incredibly hard to master, but you’re just about there.

To be honest, this feels special. It feels like we’ve known each other all of our lives, like I could trust you with my deepest and darkest secrets (I’ve not even got any, but we’ll ignore that in the name of cringe!), and like I could tell you absolutely anything without fear of being judged.

While you might never see the way my eyes light up when you text me, how my mind explodes when I read your work, or how I smile when I see your name mentioned, I promise you one thing: I will make sure that you always see and know how much you mean to me, for as long as I live.

C x

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Till next time,
C x

Life, talent and everything in between: my interview with Honestly Lau

I had the great pleasure to speak to the wonderful beauty blogger Lau of, and answer a few questions for her. In the interest of my sanity and yours, some grammar has been changed and connectives added.

Lau: Let’s just start off with a topic… life. Tell me about it.

Me: It’s like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re going to get!

Lau: Very true — risk taking makes life a bit more adventurous.

Me: Spot on! Risks are great in proportion.

Lau: Personally, I never take risks. I’m very cautious and try to make my life as drama free as possible.

Me: Why? What scares you?

Lau: Something could very much go wrong and I can’t take that risk.

Me: But something could very much go right too?

Lau: True — at some point, risks need to be made. Maybe soon. Anyway, let’s talk about you: tell the readers a bit about yourself.

Me: Right, that’s a tough one. I’m 18, I founded my own business and have been teaching myself to program for almost 9 years, I teach coding voluntarily at a private all girls school in York, I used to lead a team of journalists around the world and I ran the first site for survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire reaching 200,000 people in 2 weeks. Now, how about you?

Lau: You’re very successful. Well, I’m 17, I started my blog in March and have been making frequent posts ever since. When I was younger, I was into dance and did quite a lot of dance actually. A few weeks ago, I won an award and that was cool. I don’t really have much else to say.

Me: As are you! Work hard, play harder. Well done on the award! So, what got you into dance?

Lau: Thank you! It just something I really liked when I was younger. I’ve always been very creative. What got you into coding?

Me: You seem it from your blog! I accidentally opened the source code of a web page one day, and got curious… learnt to code before it was cool for 9-year-olds to.

Lau: That’s really cool, I’ve never understood coding. But for a 9 year old to develop a passion for it, that’s amazing.

Me: It was such a nice feeling when I built my first webpage… bit bright though!

Lau: What colour did you go for?

Me: It was bright pink text on a bright blue background, combined with Comic Sans for the font. Awful!

Lau: You went bold then, any child would do colours… as an adult, you kind of tone it down.

Me: Indeed! My sense of design still isn’t that strong. How about yours?

Lau: I try to, I do like it but just not that great at it. I’m always trying

Me: Keep at it! What’s your biggest strength?

Lau: Probably kindness. I like to think of myself as kind. What about yours?

Me: You really are. I think mine has to be programming — I’m no expert, but I can sure as hell get by!

Lau: Definitely, and you’re awesome at it.

Thanks for the opportunity, Lau! Please head over to and subscribe for her updates, as well as checking out all of her social media over there.Till next time,
C x