GCSE Results Day 2018

So today is GCSE Results Day. It’s the day many young people dread, and for good reason: GCSEs trail around you your entire life unless you’re old enough to remember O Levels. Or even older, perhaps? God knows what they had back in your day… caves, fire and the wheel?

Anyhow, I just picked up my results for GCSE English today. I should probably give you some background. I missed a lot of time in school last year and the year before due to mental health issues and ended up resitting Year 11. It’s not much fun, but you get to blend in with the Year 10s and make new friends. If you’re not as socially awkward as me, that is. Lol at me.

I got a 4 last year, which is equivalent to a D. A bad result, some may say — you need a C or above for many jobs — but all I say is it’s better than a 3. That’s how these stupid new numbers, made to replace the letters which worked perfectly well, work, right? Don’t fix it if it’s not broken, DfE! Anyway, without further ado: I got a 7 today, equivalent to an A!

For someone who’s come so far over the last year, struggled with various personal issues and fallen behind, I am so chuffed. Until, of course, I wonder if I’ve picked someone else’s results up. Maybe I ought to read the results slip again. Anyhow, I should offer my thanks to a few really important people who’ve helped me get to this stage. I wasn’t paid to say this, I promise. No, really, I wish I had been but no, they turned my invoice down and my cheque bounced. Do people even use cheques these days?

Firstly, let me thank my secondary school English teacher Laura for her patience and persistence when I was absent. She just, I don’t know, understood. She made English a lot more fun too, with her bubbly personality and the ability to have a good laugh at Shakespeare when he was talking shite.

I also owe massive thanks to my English teacher Briony at York College. She’s put so much effort in to teaching us this year, amongst the constant fits of laughter at her inability to tell the time. We all mocked her every lesson, but we owe our future successes to her work, so thank you. Our class owes you one big pitcher.

Going forward, I also must offer my thanks to N (my progress tutor), K (my learning support mentor) and the various teaching assistants who have supported me through the past year. Through their understanding when I’ve been down in the dumps, and their infectious laughter when I’ve been up in the clouds, I’ve gotten to where I have now. I owe you all a million.

Finally, let me ask: when teachers are those who put their life and soul into getting us our future, why do we pay them so little, treat them with such contempt and take them for granted every single day? To every teacher who has got me to this stage, right from Nursery: thank you. If our paths cross, the first round is on me.

C x

2 thoughts on “GCSE Results Day 2018”

  1. Hey Connor.

    You have done brilliantly!! So happy for you mate. Not that we have met yet, but as yr writing is so frank I see to be a very special young guy with much going for you.

    To have the vision and passion that you possess now will turn you into a wealthy famous man. Bet you £100!!

    Just keep focused, make that plan, stay fit & healthy and dream yr dreams.

    It’s a Young People’s World now. We oldies have fucked up big time but people like you have seen this and are actively doing something about it.

    Am proud of you.

    Big Hugs from Mike x

    1. Hi Mike,

      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. It’s been a long road, but I’m making head-way every single day and getting there.

      Can’t go ahead with the bet, I’m afraid — wouldn’t want to bankrupt you. 😂 Slowly but surely, eh?

      Again, I appreciate your comment!

      C X

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