An Open Letter to E

A bit back, I met a blind 18-year-old blogger on Twitter. Her perseverance struck me when we began talking, because I find it difficult to blog at the best of times and I’m blessed with the gift of working sight!

Recently, we have grown increasingly closer, and I have grown increasingly in awe of her. I wanted to put pen to paper (alright, fingers to keyboard — smart arse!) to pen (haha, get it?) a few words about her, and pay tribute to her courage.

Though I shan’t name her, I’m not entirely sure that it’d be hard to find her if you were that way inclined. For the record, the name she uses to blog/on social media isn’t her real name, so stop trying to stalk her before you even try. Else, you’ll have me on your back…!

Dear E,

I don’t even know where to start with this, to be honest. I’m shit at writing letters, but you’re worth a bloody good shot. Okay, that sounds like a threat to shoot you. I wouldn’t do that. Promise.

To be honest, I’m not even sure what I want to say with this. I just want to make sure you know how much I admire you, and how in awe I am of your perseverance in the face of an obstacle I can’t even begin to understand.

It’s impossible to describe in the English language how wonderstruck I am by your ability to write so descriptively of the world, despite never having seen it with your own eyes. Descriptive writing is a talent incredibly hard to master, but you’re just about there.

To be honest, this feels special. It feels like we’ve known each other all of our lives, like I could trust you with my deepest and darkest secrets (I’ve not even got any, but we’ll ignore that in the name of cringe!), and like I could tell you absolutely anything without fear of being judged.

While you might never see the way my eyes light up when you text me, how my mind explodes when I read your work, or how I smile when I see your name mentioned, I promise you one thing: I will make sure that you always see and know how much you mean to me, for as long as I live.

C x

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Till next time,
C x

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