Isn’t It Funny

I penned this anonymously as a few words to my ex who left me for her ex (not the same ex as my School Leavers post) — who’s life I saved while he was suicidal — so early on in our relationship, yet so long into me desiring her in every way.

Isn’t it funny that I wanted you, right from the day that we met?

Isn’t it funny that I got you, that I made you MY baby girl?

Isn’t it funny that I needed you most, and you weren’t there?

Isn’t it funny that I messaged, you read and you ignored me?

Isn’t it funny that I didn’t mean as much to you as your ex?

Isn’t it funny that I saved his life for you while he called me ugly?

Isn’t it funny that I am now single, and you’re HIS baby girl.

Isn’t it funny?

Though it’s taken me a lot to share something so raw here, I figured I’d share it so people in my position know that they’re not alone. It will be okay, you will be okay.

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C x

2 thoughts on “Isn’t It Funny”

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I think we should all share a little bit of ourselves, because it reminds others they’re not alone — no one should ever feel as though they are.

      On a sidenote, you really should check out my School Leavers article if you haven’t already — you’ll laugh your tits off!

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