Facebook Publishing is Changing: Help for Bloggers

As you may or may not know, the ability for apps to publish to Facebook is changing. As a result of the scandal with Cambridge Analytica, Facebook have changed their platform so that apps will no longer be able to publish directly to profiles.

This means that Publicise, built natively into WordPress.com and into self-hosted blogs via the Jetpack plugins, will no longer be able to share your new posts to Facebook automatically if you’re using your personal profile rather than a Facebook page. However, you have two options:

Manual route

Your first is to go down the manual route. When you publish a new post, copy its URL and share the link in a new Facebook post. This is a pain if you’re scheduling posts, as other solutions such as Hootsuite and Buffer will also be affected by this new limitation.

If you want to post scheduled posts, your best bet is to link your Facebook profile up with your Twitter account and schedule them on Twitter with WordPress Publicise, Hootsuite, Buffer, or any tool of your choice.

While this option may stop working at any time dependent on Facebook’s platform changes, it’s your best bet — and indeed your only bet — at this stage. I’m looking into alternatives and I’ll share them when I know more, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed!

New Facebook page

Your other option is to convert your Facebook profile to a page. While it probably isn’t the best solution for you personally, it’s worth considering if your blog focuses on your business or brand. Not a great option, but one I use, so go and like my Facebook page!

Which option are you planning to take? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to help you iron out any problems which come your way. Best of luck!

C x

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