Hey! My name’s Connor, and you’ve hit my personal website. From my thoughts on current affairs to my work for the voluntary sector, relatable quotes to my life story, you’ll find it all here on ConnorGurney.co.uk.

To give you some background on me, I’m often described as a “little old man” who has a mind “way beyond” my years. Whether that’s a compliment or an insult is still to be established in my little old mind.

At the ripe young (or old!) age of 18, I’ve been involved in projects that have made a great difference to the world. Amongst the highlights are volunteering after Grenfell Tower and fundraising for the homeless.

This site is really just a dumping ground for my experiences, my interests and my (usually incoherent) rants. I can only hope that someone, maybe you, will find some of it mildly interesting.

I also hang around on social media, including Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram if you want to stalk me. In fact, no — please don’t. No, really — don’t. You can just message me — I don’t bite (usually).

Anyhow, without further ado, feel free to browse the site using the links that I’ve chucked all over this page. To be honest, you’re probably blind and mute if you can’t find them.

Then again, Mr/Miss/Mrs/whatever Reader, I’ve invested a lot in accessibility work so you may just be plain thick. I’m thick every Monday morning! Have a great day.

C x

Entrepreneur, former journalist and volunteer